Workflow Replayer Test With Encrypted Event History File

Is there a way to run Workflow Replayer Test with encrypted event history files?
We used a custom data converter to encrypt files sent to the temporal server. But we want to be able to run Workflow replayer tests using the encrypted event history files we’re fetching for the temporal server.

Is there a way to do it using Java SDK?

Our use case is the following, we have workflows running on prod environment. We want to test our new code changes against the workflows on prod using their event history files. Our application that is running these tests does not have direct access to the prod environment so we need help from our DevOPS team to give us these files but they do not want to store them somewhere without being encrypted, so we only have access to these files encrypted and in our test we want to decrypt them and run workflow replayer test.

Is it currently supported to run workflow replayer test against event history file with encrypted data?