Workflow sandbox throws error due to HTTPConnection.__mro_entries__

Hi, I’m trying to register an activity with my workflow. The activity’s class has a required import that eventually imports a class with HTTPConnection in it. This leads to the temporal sandbox throwing Restricted workflow access. Cannot access http.client.HTTPConnection.__mro_entries__ from inside a workflow. The HTTPConnection is not used in the Workflow perse (only used in activity). How do I invoke the activity method without this import related issue?

Can you pass through all non-standard-library/non-temporalio imports in the workflow file that are not going to run inside the workflow file? If your activity is in another file, pass through that import. If the activity is in the same file but it is importing another library, can you pass that through?

Please see the Python SDK README for more info (shown/discussed here, here, here, and here).

Thank you Chad! Apologies, looks like I missed this part.