Professional support

Hello All,
I’m supporting a company (as a consultant/technical advisor) on a large CRM re-engineering project, and we are evaluating adopting Temporal as one of the foundation technologies for their new platform.
Considering the lack of local skills (project based in the MiddleEast) we would like to understand how we could get professional (and, of course, paid) support in the design, development and operations phases, and if there are options available to get personalized product support once the new platform is in production.
If Temporl is not providing these services today (as I seem to understand), we would also like to know if there are other external companies that you can reference that could provide these services.
Naturally, we are looking for remote support options,
Thanks a lot,
Gianni (edited)

@gpaglia Yes you are correct, Temporal does not offer paid support.
You can find more info on why in the following Temporal transparency update: Temporal Transparency Update #10 | Temporal documentation.