Replay 2023: CDS open-source / community version

Looking forward to all the announcements and updates from Replay 2023 !

After noticing on the temporal X feed, I was just curious if CDS (the custom data store) would also be open-sourced.
I understand it’s a complicated service to run on your own of course, but some may be concerned with dealing with an open-core type situation where the fear is that is not really usable without running some of the closed-source extensions.

Thank you !

Temporal as a company decided agains open-core monetization model. We don’t plan to have two Temporal implementations.

CDS (cloud data store) is essentially a highly optimized DB, so it doesn’t require changes to the core Temporal architecture. It uses the same DB extension point as other DB bindings: Cassandra, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. We don’t plan to open source CDS as we plan to keep the MIT License for the Temporal OSS.

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