Temporal Cassendra Failing issue in Kubernetes

Hi Team,


This is to inform you that very often we are facing the Cassendra Failing issue which is impacting all the other pods which are running. And it also causes the failure of Temporal Ui. Kindly please suggest us some suggestions on this issue.

Could you report the logs from your cassandra pod?

kubectl logs temporaltest-cassandra-0

Are you using the latest code from helm charts repo? Could you show the helm command you are running?

@tihomir any update?


Could you share if you are using the temporal helm charts directly?
What is the cluster_size in cassandra config?
Hard to tell from the error message alone, my best guess would be dead cassandra node maybe such as described some here.

@tihomir since am a new user cant able to share you the Chart directly so I have mailed you the chart kindly please check it.

any updates @tihomir