Updating Cron job

If we have scheduled a workflow as a cron job, and then some updates happen in the inputs. In such a situation is it possible to update the Cron job workflow with the updated inputs?

Cron uses continueAsNew internally and applies the original workflow inputs to the next exec.

One thing you could do is have your workflow read the input (via activity) from for example a rest endpoint where you expose the “latest” data.
Another idea would be to have a long-running workflow that holds this “latest” data that you can update via signal and have your cron workflow query this data when it starts execution. This would be a safer option than signaling cron workflow directly (as you would need to do that each time a new cron exec starts or reserve to some dodgy things like reading history from last cron execution each time for example).

can you provide any sample code for this or explain the first approach in detail?