Prometheus metrics not showing in Spring Boot 3 configuration

I tried following instructions mentioned here- Java SDK developer's guide - Observability | Temporal Documentation, however with Spring Boot 3, I don’t see any Temporal related metrics showing up. I am using Temporal SDK library( ‘io.temporal:temporal-sdk:1.22.2’) and not the temporal-spring-boot-starter.

I am not sure what I am missing, but the code examples given in are compatible with Spring Boot 3?

Here is my code repo- GitHub - ashishkchawla/temporaldemo

Is there specific reason you are not using the Temporal java sdk spring boot autconfig module?
It integrates with actuator and you only need to set up prometheus in application config, see here.
Works with SpringBoot 3 as well, just updated to 3, see pr here.

You can also run and follow metrics sample here if you dont use the spring boot autoconfig.